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“Working with [Partnier’s Keymailer platform] is a great experience for us. It allows us to reach a huge amount of influencers in an efficient and effective way”
Hans Van Braken
Publishing Manager
“We have more success in terms of scale and scope with Keymailer than some of our “paid” initiatives…getting your game in the hands of creators, to get them creating content about your game can make a huge difference, it did for us!”
Lauren Koester
Senior Director of Marketing
“Working with [Partnier’s Keymailer platform] has been a game-changer for me as an indie game developer. [Simplifying] the process of connecting with influencers and content creators [and] significantly enhanced the visibility of my games.”
Roman Stasyshyn

Solo Developer


Influencers & Press

Why Work with Influencers?

Influencers are essential for game discovery. 

Our platforms help you get compelling content about your game at every price point – from free organic content, demos and play tests, sponsored challenges, influencer tournaments, to best-price paid content.

Whichever approach you adopt, the Partnier dashboard lets you contact influencers through every communication channel: direct email, newsletters, social media, and ads or listings on our influencer portal, Keymailer.

Our fast-growing network is in every country, and on every social network, reaching billions of gamers worldwide.

Why Work with Press Outlets?

When influencers aren’t entertaining gamers, media outlets are informing and educating them about their playing options.

The Partnier dashboard lets you send press releases, promote titles on the Game.Press portal, and blast keys out to the right media for your game.

You can even set up press portals, to let accredited press reach in and grab review copies without having to wait around. You can easily follow up to see how they’ve got on. 

Our rapidly-growing media network includes news and reviews websites, podcasts, radio stations, print media, and blogs, together reaching another 2 billion gamers worldwide.

Brand Integration & Long-term Engagement

It’s easy to leverage your brand, and capture interest whenever press and influencers visit your site.

Add your games and DLC to a catalog page, and hook it up to your website, not only showcasing your catalog but inviting press and influencers to request a review copy without leaving your site.

Setting up a partner program for creators and influencers is just as easy, automating ongoing access to your titles for creators who regularly create content.

Managed or self service

Online Platform + Agency Services?

Clients use our self-service portal to manage their games and marketing campaigns

Dedicated account managers train and advise clients

Campaign managers assist or manage campaigns

Agency + Client Portal?

Clients book us to manage campaigns from advisory to execution to analysis

Our campaigns team work with clients to deliver campaign objectives

Clients login to the client portal to oversee progress and collaborate on decision-making

Whichever option you choose, you can work at scale and keep the personal touch

We work across the game lifecycle from betas and play tests to launch and content drops

We attract influencers and press and retain them with partner management programs

We work from 3 continents covering all time zones and 10 languages



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Additional Services

Social Media Management

We can manage your social media presence, on X, Facebook, Insta and others, creating regular original content, engaging and building your network. Log into your account to see pricing.

Community management

We can manage and grow your community on Discord, Reddit and Facebook groups. Choose your preferred time allocation, and increase or decrease any time. Log into your account to see pricing. 

Site Design & Build

We offer fixed price website design and build, based on templates or fully customised. Check out a demo site here: https://publisherdemo.com/ Log into your account to see pricing.