Keymailer - Organic Influencer Content at Scale

Portal for over 50,000 influencers worldwide, with tools to engage them and their 2.5 billion viewers

Keymailer is the most popular portal for content creators to get free access to games. The Discover page highlights major launches, trending games, & personal recommendations, so influencers can choose your games to delight their audience

How does it work? Influencers love getting free games to showcase their unique style. Whether a premium game, in-game items for a free-to-play, or pre-approved for a closed beta, giving exclusive pre-launch access means you don’t have to pay to get millions of views for your game!

The Keymailer network includes 50,000 gaming influencers who have opted-in to receive offers from promoters. Our system monitors all their content data and converts it into usable information, so it’s easy to find thousands who want to play your game 

Every day, creators must pass our 20-point checklist for influencer accreditation. A full-time compliance officer reviews reports of suspicious behaviour and any red flags raised in the daily network checks, meaning only 1 in 15 applicants achieve accreditation

The Partnier dashboard grants publishers access to Keymailer, allowing you to place ads, review game requests, and proactively send games to relevant channels. Run campaigns with thousands of creators, and create campaign automations to save time and reduce friction