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Portal for 1400 accredited news organisations worldwide, and their 2.7 billion readers & listeners

Game.Press is the most popular portal for press, podcasts and blogs to find games and related products to showcase in their outlets. With the same design of Discover page as Keymailer, highlighting the biggest launches, trending games, & custom recommendations, press stay up to date by visiting regularly

How does it work? Press outlets need a constant supply of games for pre-launch reviews and coverage. Brands traditionally send out thousands of press releases, but Game.Press simplifies the process by offering a platform where press can discover new products and grab review copies at the same time!

Game.Press is a fast-growing network of 1400 reviews sites, podcasts and blogs from all around the world, who have opted-in to receive offers and communications from promoters. We track their content, and categorise their outlets, so it’s easy to find the ones most likely to create content about your product

We manually validate every application, using different criteria for news sites, podcasts, blogs, radio & TV stations, and even freelancers, before confirming them as accredited press. Our press accreditation process is your guarantee of authenticity

Your Partnier dashboard grants promoter-side access to Game.Press, so you can place ads review requests, and search the network to send games to the most relevant press. Experienced users can create campaign automations using fine-grained controls, saving time and reducing press friction