Playtester Network - All-in-one, Organic Playtesting

Recruit 1000’s of testers with cashless rewards, and collect feedback easily

750,000 aspiring influencers around the world are looking for exclusive playtests, offering you a double win: expert feedback about your game and, if you allow it, social media seeded with nano-influencer content

It’s easy to manage your game package and export playtest keys on Steam, butfinding playtesters and a feedback management system can be challenging – Playtester.Net bridges that gap!

Our Powerful playtesting system offers a range of pre-built play tests, or you can build your own. And our customisable dashboard provides summaries, drill-downs, and built in chat with testers.
Our solution offers great ROI by giving creators what they value – games! Instead of cash payments, you can offer games, in game items, digital assets or, for some games, exclusive access is enough!