Partnier: Online Campaign Management Platform

Unified workflow infrastructure for growing your games with all our solutions

Partnier is the underlying platform that facilitates all our solutions and their workflows

Our consistent interface makes it simple to extend your skills across every campaign type

Partnier supports the seven C’s of game campaign management:

  1. Catalog – manage your titles or auto-import from Steam
  2. Campaigns – create many campaigns for marketing attribution
  3. CRM – import, recruit, and manage your contacts
  4. Codes – import, audit, and export keys and codes securely
  5. Comms – personalized or template-based messaging like Mailchimp
  6. Cash – automatic creator payouts for paid campaigns
  7. Content – automatic content tracking across all media

Partnier works how you work: Self-service clients have full control over their campaigns, or you can request agency service and let us manage your campaigns for you

Managed clients also have dashboard access to oversee and collaborate with their campaign managers, adding transparency and oversight

Under the Partnier dashboard is a data warehouse of 10 billion content items, 800,000 content creators, and 200,000 games, plus a proprietary, multi-lingual tag/keyword/category mapping database that lets us track and recommend gaming content on every platform
Men Of War
Super Bomber 2
ESO gold road
House Builder
Tidal Wave

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